tradeXWhite Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

Customize Your Own Crypto Trading Platform

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White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

Rich Product Features

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Rich Product Features

Why TraderX

High API Capacity

Support 10,000 times/sec API concurrency

Low-cost Deployment

Costs less than 40% of market rates for an affordable solution%

High Security

·30+security technical safeguards

·300+risk control strategies

Quick Deployment

Deployed in as little as one week for fast time to market

High Liquidity

·1000+Spot trading pairs

·100+Futures trading pairs

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Why TraderX

More Value-Added Services

Multi-language SupportMulti-language Support
Global SupportGlobal Support
Media SupportMedia Support
International Customer ServiceInternational Customer Service
O&M SupportO&M Support
Experience Integration & SharingExperience Integration & Sharing
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More Value-Added Services

Powerful Backend Management System

Independent Order Management System

Track orders and monitor transactions

Independent affiliate management system

Real-time affiliate management, T+1 rebate

Independent Asset Management System

Hot wallet operation, cold wallet storage, independent account system, independent audit characteristics, independent management of the two systems

Independent Membership Level System

VIP tiered rate, independent promotion invitation code

Ultimate Security


Data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access monitoring


Hot wallet operation, cold wallet storage, independent account system, audit independent characteristics, independent management of the two systems, asset storage through offline multi-signature, etc., to ensure the security of users and platform assets


Perfect backend system of risk control, review, supervision, and early warning

Whole Site Behavior Log Monitoring

Business Operation Log Tracking
Isolated/Cross margin mode supported
Financial Operations Log Tracking
Deposit, withdraw operation, deposit miner’s fee, deposit review operation, balance calculation to database operation
Parameter Adjustment Log Tracking
Real-time monitoring of leverage multiples and funding rates
User Behavior Log Tracking
Real-time trading behavior monitoring and early warning