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DEMO Application
Perpetual Futures

Perpetual Futures:

U/Coin-Margined futures supported

No expiration date and will be affected by spot market and relative trading volume.

Delivery Futures

Delivery Futures:

U/Coin-Margined futures supported

It's a futures contract to buy or sell a particular underlying asset at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future.

Prediction Markets

Prediction Markets:

Single/Perpetual events supported

Prediction market that anchor specific team or match result.

Futures Grid

Futures Grid:

U/Coin-Margined futures supported

A type of quantitative trading strategy.

Copy Trading

Copy Trading:

Forward/Reverse copy trades supported

Copy trading allows users to copy real time trades of top cryptocurrency traders with one click.

Demo Trading

Demo Trading:

U/Coin-Margined futures supported

Demo trading gives new users chances to practise and grow.